July 23, 2018: ALL HANDS ON DECK

So the carpet is coming in this week for 3rd phase classrooms but the painting is not done. All-hands-on-deck yet again. We did finish all the painting in the 1st and 2nd phase. Now are just trying to put everything back together. Sunday school is back in order and Wednesday night. Everybody has been so helpful and flexible.

So we are a little panicked because the chairs come next week. That means everything in the chapel has to be done. The guys have been working on the carpentry on the balcony and putting in the railings and finishing up the sound booth. It all must be drywalled and painted this week because the big lift cannot be in the sanctuary after the chairs are in there. It should be finishing up the painting in their also this week. Anyone that’s not doing those things is still putting the heating in the ceiling. We had to remind ourselves that we save $500,000 by doing this ourselves. Yes, it is worth it even if we don’t make it in by the beginning of school.