July 25, 2018: DRY BONES

Church meeting on Wednesday night, Randy talked about our new building like the story of the valley of dry bones. That old metal structure was a valley of dry bones for a long time and God is now breathing life into this building and it’s alive. Something only God could do.

All walls in the sanctuary are now painted. Carpet in 2 of the classrooms. We did have some paint color issues that made me want to do something stupid, but we survived it and just re-cut in and it is now done! We got all the big ductwork up top and got permission to drywall the sound booth and balcony.
Another crew got all the water pipe run, water lines are done for all the faucets. We are moving right along.

Did I mention how hard we prayed as they hoisted those extremely heavy air handlers up on the balcony? Oh, did we pray! Floors are done in the sanctuary except for the carpet which comes after the chairs…and I can NOT even keep up with the details at alllllll!

Did I mention we have 1 faithful soul who has been pulling weeds all month to beautify our landscaping! What a job?!?! You pull weeds and its beautiful…until the next rain or by the time you are done doing the front the back needs it all over again. Somehow this must be the worst job ever but makes the most beautiful results. Sounds like ministry to me! And how about those cutting grass, weed eating, and cleaning up garbage??? Thank you Beirlys, Johnsons and a shout out to Donnie who cleans up garbage every Sunday when we are pulling in for church!