Amen X 17!

March 3, 2018: Amen X 17

So Friday night we had a small funeral here at our church. Didn’t know the family or lady who passed but she had some old ties to this church so they called us. Pastor Randy was asked to “say a few words” and so he “said a few words”…oh did he preach. He really had nothing to lose, but he knew there was a lot that could be gained. So he preached. 17 raised their hand last night to say that they accepted Jesus into their lives as their Savior…17! Maybe a third of how many were even there! Can you say AMEN…17 times!?!?!

THIS MORN, we had an amazing work day. Thanks to all who came out and a special shout out to our young adults and youth that rocked our world and saved us old folk from back surgery! From cooking and cleaning to hauling and moving, from 6yrs old-60+yrs old! Thanks for all the work you did! We moved a small mountain–although the dead bird is still on the stage. Do I have any takers??


I would like to thank whoever you are who came back after hauling that beautiful piano and finished the last piles sitting in the grass. You are my hero. My body told me I was done. Thanks to those who persevered till the end because it wasn’t me!