So Worth It!

March 2, 2018: So Worth It!

Seems like every time I get so frustrated with the “job” part of my job, something like this happens…

Sherry always tells me I can’t have favorite students. “It’s not right” she says. Well, I don’t always listen to her. Brandon was always one of my favorites. He was one of the sweetest boys and he was adorable with his blonde curls, blue eyes and freckles. He basically put himself in our school and raised himself while he was here (that’s a whole other story). When he graduated he, went into the military. Yesterday he showed back up at our door, fresh from Afghanistan and discharged from duty.

There’s nothing more fun and rewarding for us than having our students return to their FOFCA home. He just moved back to Channahon with his new wife, and got hired on in the Carpenters Union as an apprentice. And now…he’s going to be helping alongside OUR carpenters working in the 3rd phase for a couple weeks, until his job officially starts at the union. How about that! Our little boy, all grown up, and working as a carpenter… in his old school, our church-YOUR church!

So,I know it’s only my opinion, but when I saw that sweet boy again…everything we ever went through to see this building get where it is just became…well…oh so worth it…OOHHH SO WORTH IT!! if you see him Saturday, working or Sunday at church with his blonde crew cut, thank him for his service and tell him Welcome Home!!

SO WHO DID IT? Are you the one that was praying over that horrific door quote? (see Feb. 22nd) We just got another quote…$142,000 LESS THAN the first quote!! Amen and amen! And oh, by the way, that includes all the bathroom stalls.

AND if this day hasn’t been great enough already…all this movement in 3rd phase was really kicked off SEPTEMBER 28, 2017, when piles and piles of drywall showed up to be delivered, but we had no clue who donated it. It was anonymous…and amazing…and this happened on the heels of Miss. Denise and our preteens feeling lead to start cleaning out the 3rd phase, unknowing the drywall was coming!!! OCTOBER 12, 2017 all the mud and tape showed up to cover all that drywall…again, we don’t know who donated it and now the same anonymous donor has purchased all the primer we need to start painting. WOW! Can we say a big THANKS!

Our very bestest electrician Tom, was in the hall, so we got to share about the primer being donated. He was excited and asked for a prayer request near to his heart… LIGHTS! He needs 300 lights. I don’t really know what that means or entails, but Randy said about $70 per light BUT please pray for lights for Tom!!

**Tomorrow is a work day, if you have time between 8am-12, then we will have lunch together! Something to do for everyone. It may take a full time person just to vacuum up the sawdust they are dragging into this side of the building—what a great “problem” to have!!