June 27, 2018: STAIRS!

The stairs are started going up to the balcony. The floors are still moving along. The gym floor guy…well he doesn’t work for us anymore. Long story but the owner of the company made it very clear he will take care of our floor himself. Tom is still working on electrically things. The boys are still slaving away on plumbing things none of which I know anything about, but I see progress and that’s what matters!

The stairs are being built up to the loft so no more ladders and no more lift! And that hole in the roof of the balcony??? It is for the wiring for the sound booth that is up in the balcony. That hole has a story of its own. It took a miracle to get that done finally because of numerous mishaps renting the machine to cut that hole! The last 2 weeks nothing really has gone easy, but we persevere.