February 14, 2019: SO MUCH HAPPENING

  • Picture 1 – that big roll is the artificial carpet that goes under the batting cage…batter up!
  • The hallways look like…hallways! And I got to flip the switches for the first time down the hall. Good going, Tom!
  • That outlet is in the coffee shop. They have USB spots to charge our phone! Woot Woot
  • The Woodchucks…well you will have to ask one of the guys. That pic is solely for them!
  • And the drinking fountains are installed and ready!
  • More insulation and ceiling tracks are cruising right along!


  • This is the baptistry and all the plumbing is done for it…including the heater for those who are considering taking a swim…but seriously we have been praying over this baptistry, wondering who the first one in will be! Is it you??
  • The other pics are taking from upstairs in the sound booth. The lighting, sound, and the view is amazing up there. It is a work of art! Ready to go!