May 8, 2018: OHHHHH POOP!

So the budget went down the toilet today. Some days your pastor is a great general contractor and other days he should be doing a little more praying… before he gets canned. Today was a day to flush away his stinky mistakes. Hate to drop the bomb but there a few items he forgot to budget for…

  • 4 adult urinals
  • 12 Toilets
  • 1 child urinal
  • 10 sinks
  • 13 vanity sink bowls
  • 13 tankless heaters
    SERIOUSLY? Who forgets to budget for toilets of all things????
    This puts him a wee over budget… oh poop… $20,707 over what he anticipated!

At this point, he’s thinking it made need to come out of his check. Now that would stink! He probably needs to go see a man about a horse!!

Throwback pic for ya. First flush in pavilion potty. We were SOOOOOOOO excited!

In other news…today has been a whirlwind. YES… WHILE we are trying to wrap up school on our last full week we have the doorman fixing and replacing all the doors in the school side, roof going on, finishing the insulation, and all the metal duct things show up in a big semi and rumor has it there are 2 more semis coming! I have never seen boys more excited to unload a truck than I did today! And off they go to get working on it. Had school dad see it and hang around and help too! Way appreciate all hands!