May 9, 2018: A BLOODY DAY

Yesterday I was reminded of how we need to continue in prayer for our project, finances, building, but especially our men that are laboring. We had a bloody arm ending with some stitches and a smashed, now swollen hand. Both will live, and one will have a nice scar reminding him of all that God is doing in our midst. His scar is there because of us and our church. Maybe just a very small, SMALL reminder of the scars that Jesus has because of us. Hmmmm.

So what a crazy and scary day for a wife that worries when men haul heavy things! The air handlers came today…6 of them… 6 huge, metal, heavy gray boxes of air handling thingies! When the semi arrived, they asked where our crane was to get them off the semi. Our men replied we have this little ole forklift here. And the challenge was on. They were able to get 2 of them off but the other 2 were too big and too heavy. Joe P made a phone call to a friend he knew from Channahon and they brought the reinforcements! Did they ever! Thanks to those very special helpers!!! So they got them off the truck. My next question was how do you think they are going to get into that building?? Well to my surprise they had a “plan”-kinda! I was totes surprised to see them put those beasts on 2 little wooden squares with wheels, but hey it worked. I videoed it on Facebook cuz it was quite astonishing to me.