May 19, 2018: WORK DAY

We and a great crew of men working. We were thrilled to see such a great turn out especially on a day when many of our church and school folk were at a huge graduation party for 10 of our grads. Randy never believed we would get done as much as we did! When I walked through there were people I didn’t recognize and there were men everywhere…

Some putting insulation in the ceiling (yuk), some insulating the storage room (yah!) Some insulating the foyer, a whole heap installing ducting, Tim finished painting the ceiling and finished all the high walls with insulation (mega yuk), some finished the plumbing…ran new water lines for furnace heating for 3rd phase. Tom is still working on electrical for new lighting in the worship center, foyer, and coffee shop. Some of the ladies helped important stuff too like straightening all those stupid chairs in the sanctuary. (This girl for one can’t wait till we have chairs that are bolted to the floor) they did dishes, cleaned up after graduation, fold grad gowns, and recycle at least 4 massive piles of recycling…and a whole lot more. It was a sweet spirit all around. A HUGE THANKS TO ALL.