December 1, 2018: THE WAITING GAME

So the month of November and now December will be remembered as the months of waiting. The fire suppression company, which was the hold up for so long, finished the physical labor mid Oct. We have been waiting on them to now call to get their system approved and inspected…for over 2 months we have been waiting (today is 12.12.18). We can’t put in the insulation or ceiling until that is done.

Delays. There is little we can do with them. Pray…and harass the company that is delaying us. But honestly, we all know God is bigger than that company and the inspectors we wait on…even when it doesn’t seem fair.

God (in the form of the village) delayed us one time earlier in this process. We were very angry. The delay was ridiculous! The cold weather was coming, and we wanted to put the shell of our building up.

We had already bought the wood package although it hadn’t been delivered yet. With the delay, we had to “return it” because we weren’t ready for it. Delays. Did I mention we were very angry (because that’s the Godly response)!

When the permits to build finally came through, we went immediately to purchase the wood package again…and that’s when we were humbled…and slightly humiliated! That wood package came in $500,000 LESS than it was just a month before. That was a huge amount of money to us and a huge push in the building process. In the grand scheme really what was a couple extra weeks? But $500K goes a long way when building. Don’t know if God caused that delay or He used all things together for our good (Romans 8.28) and we sure didn’t care…but we did repent and learn a valuable lesson that truly will stay with us the rest of our days!

We were humbled being reminded of our crummy attitudes and even now we’re reminded that this had always been on God’s timetable and that’s where it will remain! We will continue to daily call and fight for our cause because that is right… but we will stay humble and on our knees asking for wisdom and acknowledging that God IS bigger than a fire suppression company.

And on a personal note…during this delay was when we personally sold our house, bought another, remodeled it and moved in…and Joe and Ronda’s house where the men live had a huge mishap during this time and a lot of work had to be done there for the guys to move back in. As I was praying about this chaos, I found myself in God’s Word and He gave me such a sweet scripture from Solomon…II Chronicles 7.11 Solomon not only was working on the temple but his own palace too and God allowed him to do all that was in his heart for both places. Then the Lord came down and chose that temple for Himself