June 11, 2018: OVER BUDGET

It’s been a very long day. Our poor floor man has to work around so many obstacles. I don’t envy him at all. They are done sanding and now patching all the cracks in the floor getting ready to lay the borders on the floor and then next week WED-SAT he will finish the floors. If you are reading this it’s going to be a mess and inconvenience but that is what it takes to look beautiful!

Fire Suppression guys were here today and the village has more demands than they anticipated… $25,000 more in demands.

Also found out today the lighting is going to be more than anticipated also.

AND we forgot to put in the railings in the chapel in the budget. They go all the way across the front of the chapel, up the stairs and across the top on the balcony. At this point, it looks like a total of $80,000 over budget but it looks like we will be planning a fundraiser to try and finish this project. Watch for more details.