June 4, 2018: ONE STEP CLOSER!

The inspection is complete, and we passed…thanks to our amazing, impeccable, perfectionist of an electrician! Good going Tom and thanks for all you do! What does this mean??? Ohhhh, let me tell you or just show you…DRYWALL in our sanctuary. There is goes. And another special thank you to Tim and his son too. Our drywallers said they couldn’t get to the job right away. It would take them a few weeks… That didn’t work for us. Tim stepped up and said they can do it. A lot of heavy labor! WOW!

AND if that isn’t exciting enough – the guys are here from Meco assembling the balcony!

AANNDD they are rocking and rolling on the floors. Thanks again for your patience in this. I probably have been the least patient person through it all. Ugh. But it is working. We are on top of each other trying to get everything done BUT it IS working! It is day by day…just like the manna in the wilderness! His mercies are new every day.