September 17, 2018: MAKE ME WANNA CRY

So this was the week to finish the sanctuary. Do you know how exciting that sounded last week?? All the labor was done except the intricate painting of the new half walls and cross and then we were to be done! We hired a professional painter to finish out the most important parts. I was so excited to go in and see the progress and all I wanted to do…was cry. He hadn’t started painting yet. He was MUDDING all the holes and nicks in the walls. The walls were COVERED in mud. So I admit that is a good thing but there was mud ALL over the walls that have ALREADY BEEN painted! (So this is MY blog I should be able to vent on occasion) I just wanted to stand there on the stage and cry!

It took me a few hours to compose myself when I really had to come to the conclusion that it IS a good thing that he wants to do it right and when it’s done it will be amazing, BUT I just really want to see something DONE!!! When I was in a Godly frame of mind again-which was NOT easy- and after I inspected his mudding job-cuz remember he is a PAINTER, not a DRYWALL guy. I had a little chat with him and asked how long to paint. He promised me by Thursday all would be repainted, and he would be starting on the walls and cross. I made him promise or he would see me cry. So today is Wed and I have to go buy more paint. Sigh.