October 5, 2018: HUGE MILESTONES

So Dave has been locked in the hoarder room for many weeks…not sure what he was doing per se BUT he put in the last piece of pipe today…AND IT DOESN’T LEAK!!!! This is for the air conditioning.

Also a huge thanks to Gordon and Paula who took off a week of work to come clean out the hoarder room and get it all moved! And a huger thanks to the FOFCA boys HS Bible class who, as best as I can guess, saved Paula and me approximately 98 trips of stairs! They deserved way more than a candy bar but they did it with great attitudes and a heart to serve. Our knees and backs thank them!

Also, our painting guys are getting the sanctuary done. The half walls look soooo beautiful and the benches on the stage are primed. IN ADDITION, the guys from Upcycle are DONE with the grids in the ceiling above the loft, the heating ducts are all in and ready for ceiling tiles.

The fire Marshall making change the fire alarm system in the current building 25,000. Sanctuary should be done next week. Fire suppression system will be done next week, free to start insulation. Toilets and urinals all in Running water. All bathrooms are tiled and working on grout. All door handles on in the sanctuary…may not sound significant but there are 10 doors in the sanctuary