February 1, 2019: FEBRUARY…

It is the time we long awaited for. It’s been hard to fight for our cause with a company and waiting on inspections all knowing that our God is big enough to handle them both. AND we have learned first hand that God has had a plan for every single delay we have had. And funny thing, each one of them has worked on our character more than anything else. Always a reminder that it’s NOT about a physical building but building of character and building the kingdom!!

  • Fire suppression inspection passed and now the water heads are in all classrooms
  • 2 water fountains were installed
  • All bathrooms are done-sinks and counters are all done and running. Toilets are already being used…the workers were so happy about that!
  • Lights in the hall went in AND they cleaned out the halls…WOW, it looks like a real…HALL!
  • Insulation is going in all children’s wing classes
  • Ceiling grids are going in so fast it is blowing me away
  • Old gym-had our first games in there. Can’t even explain how… kinda speechless. May have to ask someone who was there. To see that room void of chairs and stage and Pre-k room and music stuff and pulpit…to see kids laughing and playing and shooting hoops was amazing. The room looked so big. It’s indescribable. And just FYI. We had our first tournament in there and the first game the Eagles played in there was an elementary boys team…and they won. The girl’s varsity also played in there that weekend… and won. Just sayn’