August 8, 2018: BROTHERS!

Brothers – The Bible records some bitter rivalries amongst brothers even to the point of death and selling a brother into slavery. Other siblings were loyal friends. Out of 12 disciples, 2 sets of them were brothers. At one point, some of Jesus own brothers came to take charge of him, saying ‘he is out of his mind.’ Two of them later became leaders of the early church and authors of New Testament books (James & Jude).

Brothers-they can get into trouble together or serve together. Randy is blessed to have so many great men working beside him. He would not have survived without guys like Scooter and Tom and so many more…not just in labor but friendship. He is also blessed to have blood brothers here working alongside him. That’s pretty cool. A major shout out to the baby bro who has taken such a MASSIVE burden from him by working with this heating system and spending all his days off here seeing it through to the end! He truly has carried that burden! Thanks, Mike!