March 19, 2018: A B C D…OUR DAY CARE IS GROWING BY 3 !

A is for Amazing, B is for Blessed, C is for Charged (so there wasn’t a whole lot of C words to choose from but CHARGED worked for me!) A friend of a friend got wind that a day care was merging 2 of their facilities together. They emptied out their one location and filled 2 storage lockers. Now they were throwing away all the stuff…some stuff that was brand new still in boxes! SO we showed up with a truck and trailer…and we are so glad we did.

What they didn’t know was our day care JUST added 3 new rooms in the 3rd phase. Please don’t overlook the details of what God just did. Each one of those rooms needs toys, cots, wooden blocks, a dress up station, a puppet stage, books, kitchen sets etc- ALL REQUIRED BY DCFS…and yes, they count the blocks to make sure we have as many as we are supposed to. We just loaded a trailer full of toys, wooden kid’s kitchen furniture, 3 kids book shelves, tons of shelving units, heavy duty kids tables and chairs, and probably at least 100 cots that are $209 each on Amazon…and more! Can we give God a holler for his impeccable timing and blessing!

BUT this has lead me to a crisis of belief I must admit…so 100 cots??? Oh what, OH WHAT will we do with 100 cots???