January 1, 2019: A NEW YEAR!

It has been a frustrating ride waiting on the fire suppression company and the inspections for it, but we keep praying and keep working on the little things!

  • TVs installed in the sanctuary
  • Ceiling finished in the sanctuary
  • Exit lights were all put in the sanctuary
  • Counters in daycare are finished
  • The coffee shop has counters, the refrigerator is in, flooring is done, and a sink but still waiting on a faucet. The outlets in coffeeshop are done and put in with USB ports to charge your phones…super cool.
  • The counter is in the pastor’s office for his coffee pot, which we all know is a critical part of his ministry
  • The counter in women’s classroom with a sink. We are getting so ready to move in. We can’t cram in any more ladies in our present ss classroom.
  • In the present chapel where we worship, we tore the stage out. The basketball hoops and scoreboards got installed that have been in boxes for quite a while. It was so excited g to see it looking like a real gym with such high expectations of what a new sanctuary will look like.