July 16, 2018: ARE WE DONE YET?

Every day I ask Scooter, “ARE WE DONE YET??” and every day I get something like “not yet” or “we’re close”. Today he didn’t even answer me. He just smiled and kept walking like he didn’t hear me. I honestly get choked up thinking of the day when I ask “Scooter…are we done yet” and he can reply with a deep, long sigh, “YESSSSS” if Y’all are there that day, you will see me cry!

This morning we pulled in and the guys with the new doors and the lumber guys were fighting over who would drop their shipments under the canopy first. I looked at Randy and said “Hate to be you. Have a good day Honey!” and off I went! The floors in the chapel are drying and I love them!!! Our painter will be back tomorrow, BUT the best part of today was 2 crews working on the floor moldings, 3 crews painting that’s NOT including our “professional” painters who left us for their real jobs, numerous teens helping out, 1 poor kid moving all the heavy stuff! We are rocking and rolling!