July 10, 2018: PM WORK CREWS!

We now have a crew of guys volunteering their time at night. After they leave work they come to help! WOW! We had a meeting tonight and went back late to see how they did. The first thing I saw took blew me away. I was and am still in complete amazement-duck bumps as Miss Faith would say- I WATCHED MY HUSBAND BEND OVER, PICK UP TO CORD ATTACHED TO THE LIGHTS IN THE SANCTUARY, and PLUG IT into THE WALL! Did you get that? NO MORE long extension cords run throughout the whole building into the 2nd phase…He plugged in into the WALL OUTLET in the sanctuary! I totally feel like we have arrived.

I also admired the new storage closet under the stairwell. Just sayn’! And the PM work crew got a lot of the ducting medal heating pieces up to the balcony. Glad to see that.