May 6, 2018: WHY? WHY? WHY?

So I asked on Monday Why here? Why now? WHY US? Well, today God took at least one scale from my eyes…a sister school in Romeoville is closing down next year. They are endorsing OUR school as their school of choice. Now there is a whole lot more to that story, but the bottom line is we will be receiving an influx of kids from there…and all week we have fielded many calls, tours, shadowing days, drop-ins, emails like crazy. And today as I was touring 2 families all I could think of was what timing.

After alllll these years we have prayed, labored, sweated, cried…after allllll these years, why now! For such a time as this! FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! God in all His majesty knew what we needed, and He knows what those sweet people from RCA need in their time of grief and mourning as they lose their school. One lady, I spoke with went through her whole education there and now her kids are there. 24 years she’s been affiliated with RCA. My question is this…Our building is getting more room, but do YOU have room for more kids in your heart? Please pray for that school and your school as we work towards ministering to our fellow Christians.