Yes, We Need This Building Program

February 27, 2018 | Yes, We Need This Building Program

This song was playing this morning… “Spirit of the Living God, we only want to hear your voice. We are hanging on every word. We want to know You more and more. We are hanging on every word. When you come in the room, when You do what only You can do-it changes us. The changes what we see and what we seek. It changes EVERYTHING.”

Do you know why a building program is so important… not because we need more room or space or want a bigger or better place to worship. Our church needs a building program because WE NEED GOD. A building program forces us to be on our knees before God and to see Him move and do what only He can do.

Yes, we’ve seen our share of warfare the last few weeks but we are seeing God move and do what only He can do. Today, Randy got to visit with his friend Edwin, who brought his cousin to come see his church. Edwin and Randy had the distinct privilege of leading him to the Lord today. Seriously, is there anything more miraculous than that? And how sweet to have Edwin reminiscing with his cousin about how just a year ago he and Mary got saved and baptized on Easter and now maybe it’s his turn. Can you say AMEN?!?! And maybe you ask, “What does that have to do with the building program?” My answer is: EVERYTHING!

A shout out to our Sunday AM prayer people who have been heavily praying the last month for salvations. 3 school students, 4 adults! **We meet every Sunday for prayer in Room 206. All are welcome to join us!