A $550,000 Savings?!

February 19, 2018 | A $550,000 Savings?!

Many years ago, when we were starting the 1st phase, we had a man who poured concrete join us. Randy remembers being in the ditch working with him one day early on. This man was cussing up a storm. Shortly after that, the men were called for a good home cooked lunch by the church ladies. At that point, one of the ladies asked: “Pastor Randy, will you pray for our lunch.” Randy said he could see this man’s jaw hit the ground because he didn’t know he was the pastor. From that point on, God gave Randy an opportunity to speak into this man’s life and eventually lead him to the Lord while working.

This week, we are so excited to be starting the 3rd phase. A man named John has come to volunteer, as friend of Tom D. John is in the electrical union. John got saved today!!!

3rd phase today…there is saw dust everywhere and men working. Stairs going up to the storage areas.
Ken, an engineer, just called and he was able to cut out 1 chiller, 4 big pumps and so much more. And the radiant pumps that were for the floor, will be used for the other heat system. We have saved thousands of dollars just in the last couple hours. We thought the heat was gonna be around $750,000 and we may end up around $200,000 when done. Roger Miravet is trying to find as many of the heating things we need at his heating cost!