childrens ministry workshop

Join us for high quality children's ministry training for your leaders and volunteers from Pastor Karl Bastian.

childrens ministry workshop
Breakfast AND a FREE Gift!

A continental-style breakfast of muffins, juice, bagels, and coffee will be provided. As a bonus, attendees will receive a FREE quarterly All Access Membership to and a copy of the Kidology Handbook.

What to Expect

Secrets of Effective Kid Communicators

What is the difference between a teacher and a communicator? A teacher can change minds, but a communicator can change hearts. Learn the subtle secrets of what gives some teachers that extra edge of effectiveness when they teach. Learn how to engage and inspire those you influence. Develop some often overlooked skills that will give your teaching extra impact.

Object Lesson Explosion!

This is a fun, interactive, objects-in-hand workshop. Give ANY object to Karl, and he will instantly create a biblical lesson from that object and show you how to do it too! Discover why teaching with objects is effective and why Jesus used object lessons when He taught! You will learn how to start with an object and form a lesson from it, or how to start with a topic and determine what object or visual will best teach it. By the end of this session, you will know how to make an object lesson from ANY object, INSTANTLY!

Please RSVP by Monday, September 19th

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