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At Families of Faith, we encourage our students and their parents to participate in small groups. We feel they are an essential part of spiritual growth and developing the rich community life God intends for His church.

Our Jr. High youth group is led by Denise Novak. They do fun retreats and outings during the summer and sponsor events such as garage sales and car washes during the year to raise money to make outings and retreats possible.

Now and then, we break students off into even smaller groups, as was the case when we took our jr. high and high school kids and taught them a purity study. We had the girls and boys in different groups that were further broken down into groups of jr. high and high school. It was extremely successful and we plan on doing other such groups in the future.

Although small groups study the Bible, they aren’t just Bible studies – they are places for worship, service, prayer and reaching out to our friends. Through studying the Bible, serving and praying together, small group members find the mutual support, practical love, and encouragement to grow.

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