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We wholeheartedly want to see everyone we know sitting in the row next to us Sunday morning. How exciting to sit next to your Dad, coworker or the employee you see every day when you buy your coffee! We’re sold on the vision and God has likely brought people to mind you could invite.

However, fear can rise up when we imagine extending the invitation. Maybe they’ll think you’re weird for inviting them or you figure they probably won’t come anyway and how would you even ask?

One way is to use the “Invite a Friend” form below. Once you fill it out and send it, they will get a link to our church where they can learn about us, listen to messages and learn about God. It’s a conversation starter the next time you see them. You could ask “What did you think of our website?” or “Did you see the programs we have for your kids?”

Don’t let this year pass by without rising to the challenge of influencing the spiritual lives of the people God has placed in your life. Imagine their face as they sing out of love to the one who saved them, gave them peace and joy, sent them on a new mission and purpose and life and satisfied their soul the way only He can? That picture can be a reality but it starts with an invitation. Will you be the one God uses to take that risk?

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