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The teen years can sometimes be a little scary- maybe even a little awkward. Often times it is a stage of life where bad decisions are made and bad habits formed.  Here at Families of Faith, your teen will be taught how to make the right decisions and develop good godly friendships that will help direct them to a closer relationship with their parents and with their Savior.

With teen classes on Sunday mornings as well as Wednesday evenings plus exciting youth activities – there are plenty of opportunities for your teen to get involved here at Families of Faith. The group offers a large variety of special events including music concerts, lock-ins, mission trips, youth camp and other awesome God-filled adventures.

Teen Worship Services:

Dedicating and Baptism

We believe children born to believing parents are a special gift from God to be set apart for Him. If your child is ready to be baptized or discuss salvation or you’d like to dedicate your child, please contact the church office.


If you have any questions, please call the church office at 815.521.1381.

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