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All-Stars Sports is an athletic program offered by Families of Faith that was founded in the spring of 2004 with the goal of bringing the Gospel to those who love to play sports.

All-Stars Baseball threw out its first pitch in the summer of 2005. All-Stars Flag Football was added in the fall of 2007. The two sports are only the beginning though. All-Stars Basketball tipped off its first games in January of 2012. More sports will be added as there is demand and the volunteers to support them.

Did you ever play sports for the love of the game? Did you have a coach who would take the time to teach you the game?  That’s what All-Stars Sports is all about. We challenge our coaches to

  1. Teach young people how to play the game
  2. Give young people the chance to fall in love with the game
  3. Help young people create memories that will positively influence them for a lifetime

We’ve been blessed with great coaches who do all of those things. The environment at All-Stars Sports is different than you will find in public leagues. How? When have you ever heard parents from one team cheer for players on the other team? You’ll hear that at All-Stars Sports. We believe this is the best environment for your young athlete to learn, develop and grow. In addition we believe your family will be blessed by the pre-game devotions. Come give us a shot!


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