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All-Star Sports was a passion of our previous Athletic Director, Pastor Kenton Ayers. Pastor Kenton began this program in 2004 as an outreach to the community, allowing kids to play sports in a safe environment, learn good sportsmanship, hone their athletic skills and learn about God through pre-game devotions.

Families of Faith still has that very same passion that lead Pastor Kenton to start All-Star Sports all of those years ago. Part of that passion comes from the fact that we know God has been asking us to re-introduce All-Star Sports to a new generation of boys and girls.

Tom Larson, one of our coaches at Families of Faith Christian Academy, is heading up our NEW All-Star Sports Program, with a team who is brimming with excitement to see what God has in store for them and your kids!

If you have questions, please feel free to email Tom Larson

What makes All-Stars Sports different?

Statistics indicate that many children have had bad experiences in sports due to the actions of their parents. In fact, by the age of 13, more than 75% of youth athletes have dropped out of sports.

At All-Stars Sports, we work hard to not see the participants become part of those statistics. Sports should be fun and educational for children, not pressure filled.

Our coaches are challenged to teach the game they are coaching to the best of their ability. We challenge the parents and fans to cheer loudly for both teams, cheering good plays on either side while encouraging the athlete that is struggling.

We use the devotion time before each game as a way to introduce you and your family to Jesus Christ and to tell you how a life with Christ can make your family stronger and happier.

We have watched God radically change families lives as a result of All-Stars Sports and we’re praying that your family is next!! God loves you and your family and we hope that we can use sports to show you how much He does!

Our Facilities:

Our outdoor facilities include two baseball fields and two football / soccer fields. For indoor facilities, we use the Families of faith building. The facility covers almost 68,000 square feet and includes two full size gymnasiums.

* All-Stars Sports is available for all children. You do not need to be a student at our academy or a member of our church.


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